A Mission of Service and Love

It is the primary endeavor of the Philippine American Medical Society of Western Pennsylvania to complete an annual medical and surgical mission in the Philippines. For over a decade, this mission has been fulfilled through the dedication and loyalty of the organization’s members who willingly give up two weeks of their lucrative practices and forego their incomes to serve and provide basic health care to the needy and indigent people who do not have the resource of such care.

Missions Abroad

Through these missions abroad, thousands of consultations and medications have been provided; valuable medical equipment has been donated and delivered; and thousands of surgeries have been performed to cure or improve the conditions of people afflicted by numerous diseases and disabilities.

PAMS has given hope and made dreams come true to thousands through a mission of mercy and true altruism.

Message of continuing PAMS President


It is, to me, an unprecedented event for PAMS to have a President inducted twice in succession. And I want you all to know that I am

honored for the show of confidence. I welcome this unique opportunity. It is a challenge for me and I want to throw it back to all of you

with the call for unity and similar equally deep down unconditional commitment.

I do not want to make any promises because it will be a different year in perspective for PAMS but I give you my commitment, a commitment you’ve

witnessed in the year last, along with Henna and certainly my whole family, whose actual presence and hands on help, on a lot of aspects of patient care

during the Missions, I found invaluable and, for me, is a sight to see as a father and colleague.

Last year is now history but, to me and hopefully to most of you, it was a banner year. But it was so only because we were together inspite of some

difficulties encountered on the way.

There are a lot of you I want to thank particularly those behind the trenches, behind the officers, who, I am glad, are willing to move on for another year

with me with the expectation that we all work, watch and encourage each other for a much better PAMS security and integrity, to be upfront and bound

by sense of accountability. But my utmost appreciation, for all their dedication to hard work, goes to my Mission Chairs and our Coordinator. You all

know them and I call on you to warmly applaud them, along with yourselves, as I do.

Through the last year, we went through the motions of traditional PAMS events, we learned from each other, from our workplaces, the communities we

live in and the businesses therein, how wonderfully we can all come together, bond and then collectibly respond to our humanitarian calls. We indeed

came clear through the disaster calls that devastated the south central Philippines, hand in hand with BBF, very much in public’s admiration, locally as

well as nationally. I want you to know, these are the times I was most PAMS’ proud.

What does the PAMS future hold? We need to innovate, change for the better, listen to each other more and respect others’ ideas but, for the most

part, listen to our younger missionaries and visionaries. To me, they hold the key to our viability and relevancy.

So, we move on ….. to newer and better things ….. always the PAMS way.



and so we pray:

O Almighty God, who by the love which You have for us, have willed to take our humanity, to live a life of hard work, to suffer a most cruel Passion, and finally to die in the Cross, we beseech You, by the infinite merits purchased for us with Your precious Blood, look mercifully on Jun (Dr. Ignacio).

Accept, O merciful God, the prayer which we offer for him and call him to the glory of Heaven. Most Holy Virgin, Mother of Mercy, Comforter of the Afflicted, intercede that, by your powerful intercession, he may be admitted to enjoy that kingdom which is prepared for him. Amen

Caring, our heartfelt condolence to you, your family, relatives and friends. Although no words can really help to ease the loss that you bear, his memory brings comfort to all of you including us at PAMS.

Prayers and Blessings.

Message from the Incoming President

April 7, 2014

Good evening members of PAMS Family! Greetings and welcome everyone!

I would like to thank everyone for your warm and gracious hospitality as I transition in to the position of President of Philippine American Medical Society of Western Pennsylvania for 2014-2016.

If you are new to our organization, or if you are one of our many guests, I would like
to welcome you to our family and to thank you for choosing PAMS. I have great faith, trust and confidence in our organization thatexisted for 20 years now. I will work hard and try my very best so that you will not be disappointed.

We are beginning another year this April. I am very proud of all that the PAMS board, officers and members have accomplished in the past years. There is always a great deal of work to do. But in a happy pleasant environment that we have, I have no doubt that this year that all of us will continue to work diligently to ensure the success of the next missions under my term, one in Bacolod on 2015 and the other in Marikina on 2016.

Trying to live in today’s society can be and should be very challenging at times. For inspiration, let’s look at the missions we had served in the past and now again to our other brothers and sisters in the Philippines who need us and waiting for our professional medical help once again. Let us aspire to inspire for a healthier Philippines! Let us be ready and give all of ourselves to be part of that service to all who need us as we had been doing. Let us share our time, talent and treasure. Again, let us give all we’ve got in service to others. Let us serve above self with generosity and compassion as always. Let us make this as our path to happiness. You are so valuable to the organization. I thank God and you for the opportunity of service. Thank you all for keeping in mind that in unity we have strength. Thank you for your many hours of time and energy into making everything work in all we do. Carrying out a mission is definitely hard work. I do need you. You are all my anchor and my strength. I can’t do it alone to make our service to others a success. Thank you for answering to the call and saying,” Here I am to your aid.” Thank you for saying YES to the call and to this mission challenge. For PAMS! CHEERS to all! MABUHAY ANG PAMS! MABUHAY!!!

I hope you have a pleasant restful spring after this hard winter we had.

Again, thank you for being here. Have a good time. Hopefully, you are one of the many winners.

Sincerely yours,

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 7.42.16 AM
Glicerio “Jun” Ignacio, MD
PAMS Incoming President 2013

Message from the Outgoing President

March 3, 2014

To My Dear Fellow PAMS Members:

It is time for me to pass the baton to a very deserving, ever committed PAMS loyalist, my dear friend, Dr. Jun Ignacio.

As we look back to the year, I could not have done it as well without your support.

From the time we started with varied fundraising events, to our Induction Ceremony highlighted by that unforgettable La Jota dance by the elite Senior Members, then the Golf outing, and the summer months spent together in “sorting/packing” parties, getting ready with our supplies for the mission, marked by a short reprieve with our Christmas celebration with family and friends and then finally the actual mission itself. It went very fast and I must admit it was a lot of fun. However, many struggles were encountered but successfully hurdled.

There are a lot of you I want to thank but most specially my officers: Jun, Rick, and Vi along with some of more active Board of Directors, all comprising the Executive Council. But my utmost appreciation, for all their commitment to hard work, goes to the Mission Chairs: Rudy, as overall; Chito, in Surgical; Ron, in Anesthesia; Ernie, in Medical; Vi and Tessie, in Pharmacy; Josie and Flory in Supplies; and as always Tina, as our tireless Coordinator. However, I must admit, I owe most of my continued energy and enthusiasm through the entire year from my wife, Henna, without whose encouragements I could not have gone the whole home stretch. Not to forget my entire family (and kins) whose actual presence and hands-on help, on a lot of aspects of patient care during the missions, I found invaluable and, for me, is a sight to see as a father and their colleague.

Through the year, we learned from each other, from our workplaces, the communities we live in and the businesses therein, how wonderfully we can all come together, bond and then collectibly respond to our annual humanitarian call, but, in addition, last year, the unforeseen Haiyan/Yolanda disaster came. But we came through both times, hand in hand with BBF, quite visibly in the public’s admiration, locally as well as nationally. I want you to know, these are the times I was most PAMS’ proud.

So, we move on … to newer and better things … always the PAMS way.


UDH Mission


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Message from the Incoming President

December, 2012

Dear fellow PAMS member,

“Malugod na pagbati sa inyong lahat. Taos pusong pasasalamat sa inyong pagdalo sa ngayong gabing pagtitipon at sa tuluyang pagtangkilik sa PAMS”. Greetings and welcome to all. My heartfelt thanks for joining tonight’s gathering and your continued support for PAMS.

It is but fitting that, at tonight’s festivities, we commemorate a milestone for PAMS. It is our 20th Year Anniversary.

It is hard to imagine that PAMS has been in existence for two decades. A lot of you have been around since PAMS inception, you are our founding fathers. For this, we salute you. We commend you for the vision, realized
then or not, of serving. Through our missions, we try to reach out to our
poor, seemingly unreachable and forgotten Filipinos. Little did we anticipate that our new pope, Pope Francis, validates this and strongly encourages all people to reach out to the poor and the outcasts in our midst.

As any good and honest organization, PAMS through the years has had its share of upheavals. But there are those who had the audacity and foresight to look beyond our difficulties and such leaderships took us to where we are today, proud but humbled by what we have accomplished, with many of our poor Filipinos having been served.

Grateful for the trust you have given me, I ask you all for your prayers, not only for wisdom and guidance along with unity and common effort, but, most importantly, for continued health and renewed energy for all.

About 13 years ago we started our Philippine missions. As part of the earlier years we went to the province of Pangasinan, City of San Carlos. This coming year 2014 we are going full circle. We’re going back to the province of Pangasinan, but this time going west to the City of Urdaneta. I’m very proud to take you there, to the place I was born and where I spent my early childhood.

To my physician colleagues everywhere, here in the US and locally in the Philippines, who actively participate in our mission works, including those recent supporters at Excela Health, I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding response to the call. You, not only as a group but also individually, are, to me, part of the Mission Team going to Urdaneta.

To all, you embody our theme “The fruit of love is service. The fruit of service is peace” written in prayer by Blessed Mother Teresa. To all you indefatigable volunteers, these words typify your rewards and feeling of gratification we all felt every time we end our past missions. But we take it very humbly, quietly and indeed peacefully. Gratifying as the service is, it is also heartbreaking because we have to leave behind many more in need. But for those we were able to provide care for it is life changing.

Our challenge then is to continue the hard work. I cannot promise you a lot but I tell you that you will get my best effort along with my wife, Henna, and all my family.

Thank you for making a difference in people’s lives.

Mabuhay ang PAMS.



Message from the Outgoing President

As my term draws to an end, I admit I have mixed feelings. Pride and satisfaction at how much this organization continues to accomplish not just for this particular term, but every year. Relief that, after long months of planning and hard work, most activities did turn out well. Disappointment with a sobering realization of how many more unfortunate patients our medical mission this year had neither the time or resources to help.

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